About Us

Our best friends make us laugh every day. Whether we are playing, snuggling, or going on a grand adventure, there is nothing like living life with pets. They are the perfect addition to our family, which is why remembering them through a PURFECT GIFT is such an excellent investment! 

The print-on-demand services we provide give you the unique opportunity to express the love of your pets. We started this business to ensure that your love can go with you every day instead of being something you would leave behind.

Our inspiration came from one of our pet friends named Simba. This little fellow was a kitty who had a feisty streak to him, but he was also one of the strongest animals we ever knew.

Simba was born with a cataract that our veterinarian could not remove, so his sight was always limited. He loved to go on walks, play hide-and-seek, and even would fetch every so often.

Remembering him required something that was just as special as his spirit. When we started to look for something suitable online, there just wasn’t anything that seemed fitting. We decided to take things into our own hands, which became the start of Purfect Gifts as a brand. 

We hope that you will find something special to remember your best friend today. Our team strives continuously to ensure you can discover that one particular item that helps you to recall the best times of the past, enjoy the present, or plan for future adventures.

Every day can be perfect with a PURFECT GIFT!