Blessed Faith Custom Crafted Necklace

It was not long ago that custom crafted necklaces were expensive and rare. Today, thanks to new technology they are now affordable to everyone. For this necklace, the price not only goes to customizing it to your needs, but a portion of the profits goes towards spreading the word of the Lord to all parts of the globe.

Motivated by the desire to ensure that everyone has a chance to hear the word of the Lord, Blessed Faith offers this custom crafted necklace as a way to express your personality to assist them in reaching those who may not have heard about God’s word for all of us.

How the Necklace is Made

Each necklace comes with a pendant that features a picture that you choose. The pendant is then custom cut with a message of love or a fond memory placed on the back. You can use a photo that you provide which can create a unique design that is yours to keep. The process works like this after you make the initial order;

  • Provide a Custom Photo or Choose Once from the Blessed Faith Library
  • Choose a Message or Create Your Own Message for the Back of the Pendant

You can follow the instructions on the website to choose the size and shape of the pendant, upload the photo, and write the message all in just a few minutes. The pendant is the custom cut to augment the photo or image that you have provided. This means that you receive a customized necklace that will last a long time. The chain necklace itself is easy to fit and is quite durable standing up to the stresses of the day.


Durable: The necklace and pendant are crafted from stainless steel which lasts for a long time with minimal maintenance. This means that with just a little care your necklace will last for many years while still appearing in like-new condition.

Free Shipping Around the World: You only pay for the necklace as the shipping is free. Please allow for 7 to 20 days to create the necklace and ship it to the following locations;

  • US & Canada
  • United Kingdom, Australia, & New Zealand
  • Countries of the European Union

For orders from other parts of the world, please allow from two to four weeks for delivery. For those in the US, shipping can be expedited by paying for USPS to receive the necklace in 5 to 12 days.

Spreading the Word: A portion of the profits will go towards building new churches and sending missionaries to parts of the world that have never heard of the Lord. Your purchase will help provide the means by which the church can teach the Bible and let everyone know about the blessings offered by following our Savior.

This simple, beautiful custom crafted necklace not only expresses your feelings and personality, but a portion of the profits goes towards spreading the word of the Lord around the world. Considering the craftsmanship, material, and customization involved, the price itself is quite a bargain compared to similar necklaces from other providers.