5 Ideas for Special Messages on Your Pet Necklace

Of the many gifts you can give to your spouse, parent, or child, a pet necklace is one that keeps a pet close to their hearts.  This is a necklace that features an image of a beloved pet. Whether they are still with us or not, the necklace serves as a reminder of how they are part of your family.

With pet necklaces comes the option of having a special message engraved on the back. While many have little trouble finding the right photo, coming up with a message may be difficult. This is especially true for those who try to find the right words to match their feelings. For those of you looking for the right words to put on your pet necklace, here are five ideas for a special message that might help.

One Word Association

While most of us can speak volumes about what makes your pet so special, narrowing it down to just a few words can be challenging. So, think about the different ways your pet makes you feel and try to say it all in one word. It may take a little time, but you can always brainstorm ideas to find the right one.

Once you have narrowed it down to one word, you can expand upon it a little to make a short sentence if you desire. Or, you can come up with two or three more words that also express how your pet made you feel when you are together.

Famous Saying

A famous saying is not attributed to a single person but is one that has been told over time. They are easy to look up and may help you put into words the feelings you have for your pet.

Famous Quote

While similar to a famous saying, this is a specific quote from a noted figure. Over the centuries there have been many famous sayings about pets, most notably dogs and cats. You can choose one of them for your special message.

A Memory Associated with Your Pet

Many pets are known for their behavior, whether they do something once or every day. You can put that into a message that is special to your or one that the people around you will recognize. Putting into words a special memory may be the best way to honor your pet.

A Message of Love

The joy and happiness associated with your pet can be told with a special message of love. Something that you tell your pet every day or something that you want to be reminded of even after they have passed. The message is one of love and the special bond that comes with being a pet owner. You can make the message simple, but its effect will be quite profound.

There are many sayings you can put on the back of your pet necklace, but they all come from the heart. The necklace itself is a reminder of your special relationship with your pet who is a member of your family.